Hallie has a special spot, in a very ordinary place…she likes to sit on top of the bricks that enclose the mailbox. It sits probably five feet off the ground and is about 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet. Whenever she knows someone is coming over, or someone is coming to pick her up she goes to her special spot. The other day she was waiting the arrival of her friend. I told her he would come in 20 minutes. The house grew quiet and I began looking for her. I saw her perched upon the mailbox. So I quietly snuck up behind her to take a picture. I could hear her counting. I asked her what she was counting for. She was reluctant to talk to me in fear of losing her train of thought. She waited until she hit 60 and then quickly tells me. “I’m counting 20 minutes.” And without missing a beat she started at one again. She counted to 60, 20 times.

She cracks me up!

I need to teach her out to use the stopwatch on her watch!