Steve happened to work from home one morning and had to head into work after lunch.

Hallie keeps talking about her friends mom who visit at lunch, so we decided we would surprise her for lunch. We grabbed some food, signed in as visitors and waited patiently at a lunch table until we saw her class walk in. We sat right by the door she would walk through. Her friend saw us first and the look of surprise on her face was great. But not as great as this face:

I realize our days are numbered with Hallie (and her friends) thinking its cool to sit with us at lunch, but as of right now we’re in taking advantage of it.  I don’t think it’s so much Steve or myself, but more Hunter and Bennett…okay, seriously its the Gerber baby! Everyone loves the Gerber baby, he gets all the attention and all the love.

It was fun to watch Hallie interact with all her friends. Carefully eat and share her oreos. And have typical lunch table conversations. We even stayed a little during recess so we could watch her from afar.

Hunter was more than disappointed when we had to leave. He wanted to “do school, just like Hallie.” Just a few more years little guy, and we’ll be visiting you at lunch!