It’s been a rough week for this guy. Due to his rolling to his stomach while sleeping and not being able to flip back over- he’s lacking in the sleeping department. 2-3 times a night I wake up to his screaming, I flip him back to his back, but because he’s so worked up, he doesn’t fall back asleep very quickly. I’m seriously trying to wean him off being bundled, but he loves it so much. I didn’t know a kid could love it as much as he does. He’ll be grumpy and fussy and crying – the minute I wrap him all up, he’s calm as can be. I’m trying nap times with one arm not bundled. It’s not going as well as I had hoped. Here’s to a new week!

He had his six month check up this week and he’s tipping the scale at 18 lbs. Which seems rather heavy, partly because I’m lugging him around all the time, but also because our other two were lightweights. The doctor assures me he’s really not that big, he’s average, sitting in the 50% of babies his age.  My arms that are about to fall off would tell me otherwise!

Per Jamie’s request – here are the other two at six months old. (Both of which were sitting on their own by this time).

I think he definitely looks like Hallie.