I expressed last week how we had had a rough week with Mr. B’s sleeping issues. I was so tired of waking up every night to roll him over that I decided it was time to stop swaddling. But I was scared because he LOVED being swaddled. We had purchased a “Woombie” off a recommendation from a friend and it has been amazing. Every time we would zip him up in it, he immediately went to his happy place and became calm, so I knew taking it away from him would be rough.

But like most things with our children, when its time (aka bottles, pacifiers, whatever…) we do it cold turkey. So – After I wrote last week’s post, I decided it was time to quit swaddling cold turkey. It was a nightmare for the first day! So painful! Every fiber of my being wanted to just wrap him back up and wake up once or twice a night to roll him over. He didn’t nap all day and at night he was up for hours. Steve and I were working on very little sleep and it was frustrating. Days started getting a little better, but the nights were brutal. Nights 2-4 Steve slept downstairs just so he could get some decent rest.  But then something magical happened. Night 5 came and went and I woke up realizing I didn’t hear him at all during the night. (It could’ve been my extreme exhaustion!) and then night 6 and 7 came and went without any screaming.

This morning I woke up and I realized, we did it. He sleeps for nap time and at night without being swaddled. It was a rough week but I think we are in the clear. (not to say that he’s never going to wake up at night, but at least the hours and hours of screaming are hopefully behind us!)

So one last  picture of our sweet little guy with his arms restricted. He would always put his right hand on his face while sucking on his left hand, all while being swaddled!