If you have access to a saw (mitre or hand) – this banner is right up your alley.

I went to the Depot and purchased a 1×6 board and several eye-hooks. I cut the board into symmetrical triangles (each side measuring 6.25 in).

I painted the triangles a soft white and then prepped myself to hand paint each letter. Let it be known…vinyl is an easier route!!However, If you’re like me and prefer a more natural look – hand painting is the way to go. (I intend to lightly sand over the boards for a more natural weathered look, just haven’t gotten that far).

I printed out the letters I wanted at the size I needed. I took a pencil and lightly colored on the back side of the paper, and then traced the letter on the board, the pencil mark was the perfect stencil. At first I meticulously painted all the edges and then would fill in the letter. This was difficult to get a clean outside line. So I pulled out the fine point sharpie and started creating outlines that I filled in with paint. This was definitely the easier route.

Once complete, they were strung on jute and hung. I love how it turned out and already I’ve got a Christmas, Valentines, 4th of July and Halloween one in mind.