Little miss turned 6 – party on!

We weren’t sure how this party would go down because we don’t have a whole lot of friends her age since moving here, but luckily there were several kids from her class that were able to join us.

This years theme: bubbles. Everything bubbles.

We blew big bubbles, small bubbles, snake bubbles, bubble gum contest, bubbly root beer floats…bubbles galore.

It was a lot of fun. My favorite part – it was outside, the whole time! We had beautiful weather and the kids were more than entertained with all the different bubbles they could experiment with. I made a homemade bubble solution (soap, water and glycerin) and we dumped it into a lot of different containers. We then made some frames with cotton string and two straws (this seemed to be the favorite method of making bubbles, because you could make really large ones).

In order to make “snake bubbles”, we took water bottles and cut off the bottoms. We used a rubber band to secure a piece of terry cloth to the bottom. We then dipped the terrycloth in dish soap (with a teensy amount of water) and they could make long continuous bubbles)

Although it was somewhat messy, it’s the only mess that kids walk away cleaner!! That is a mess I can deal with!