A while back I made a laundry list of all the things I wanted to build in the near future. It was a long list. Slowly but surely I started crossing projects off my list. One day while searching my building website I came across a cute and simple toy box. They quickly shot to the top of my list. I had this vision. Hunter and Bennett sharing a room. Two matching twin beds, with two matching toy boxes at the foot of the bed. I was on a mission.

I drew out the plans early this summer and sat on them for quite a while. It was too hot outside to start a project of this magnitude. While in Idaho late this summer I had my dad help me cut all the pieces to size using a table saw. (I decided making two at the same time would be the best route.)

I contemplated what materials I should use and after a visit to Home Depot I settled on 12 foot particle board stair tread that was 15 3/4 wide (has a rounded edge on one side). I had to change my plans just a bit to accommodate the materials I had purchased but it was much more cost effective.

I kept the rounded edge on all pieces (knowing very well that it would be covered by moulding eventually), except the bottom piece which was trimmed down to 15 1/2 inches. The front and back pieces were cut to 33 1/2 inches, the sides cut to 15 1/2 inches.

I took the bottom piece and used my handy dandy kreg jig to drill holes in all directions. I also drilled holes in the side pieces (inside of the toy box) to connect the front and back to the sides.

Using 36″ clamps, I held the front and back to the bottom piece and used kreg screws to screw them together. Did the same thing for the sides and eventually the inside of the side boards.

With the basic box built, I started adding trim with a finish nailer. I’m a very basic, non-ornate person, so I chose a simple mdf profile. I took another piece of mdf and attached it to the top using wood glue and the finish nailer.

After all the trim was added, I used crawford’s painter putty to fill in all the nail holes, Dap Dry Dex to fill in the screw holes on the inside (the holes underneath weren’t filled), and caulking around all the inside seams.

I then used spray paint primer and lightly sanded after the light coat.

I finished with a white paint rolled on with a foam roller and foam brush.

I can’t wait for them to share a room!