I always have such big plans for Halloween and yet the day arrives and I have all sorts of seemingly unimportant things taking up my time. We started the morning with Hallie’s Halloween parade and helping with her class party. Hunter was amuzed with all the cool costumes and made it a point to point out every Woody and Jessie he saw!

We spent the afternoon running random errands including taking Hunter’s bike to the shop to figure out how to get the valve covers off. They child proofed them…owners manual doesn’t inform you how to get off the child proof covers. I was happy when the man behind the counter didn’t figure it out for a while, made me feel slightly less foolish.

Everyone got dolled up and ready for the night – aka picture heaven for mothers! Even Bennett got in on the action. It’s fun to see him in the costume that Hallie wore 5 years ago!

We were going to hit up Steve’s sisters for dinner, but Steve couldn’t get off work early and didn’t want to miss out on the festivities. Little Caesars pulled through with a nutritious dinner! We walked the neighborhood with some cousins, got more candy than my kids know what to do with, met up with more cousins for a quick hello before heading home and dumping/sorting out the loot! Hallie meticulously sorted before choosing her 10 favorite pieces (the rest was taken away, there is no way we were going to let them keep all that candy!)

I’ve got to remember for next year, Steve’s cousin utilizes the “Switch Witch”. You leave your candy out at night and the Switch witch comes and takes your candy and leaves a toy behind. Genius!

The kids had a great time and this was the first year that Hunter really got the concept of Halloween and we couldn’t get him to stop! Another first – wearing costumes without winter coats over them – I could get used to trick or treating in flip flops!!

Is it seriously