Halloween has come and gone which means the wreath I made (here) needed to be switched out. I went back to micheals for supplies. I walked away with a twig wreath and some berry stems, and then I stopped by Joanns for some felt and linen.

I scoured the internet to find different methods for making fabric flowers and I ended up with this.

I made the fabric rosettes (which I also used on the Halloween wreath).

I found this picture on my pinteres and although it was in another language, the picture was pretty self explanatory. I didn’t have my sewing machine so I skipped that step, so my flowers didn’t have that curl to them, instead I just rolled them.

I also liked this flower which was easy peasy.

And lastly I liked this flower, but it was on etsy and didn’t offer any instructions, it wasn’t rocket science figuring it out. Fold a piece of wool felt in half length wise and glue. Cut slits all along the folded edge – then roll. It produces the cutest little puff flower. I experimented and tried different lengths of felt and different widths of slits. They were all cute.

I arranged them all and glued.