Moving has been all consuming…as is the case for anyone that moves I’m sure. I’m starting to be able to hold my head above water just a tad these days and I love the large gasps of air I get from it.

We went from this:

(Packing up all of our stuff three months after leaving Wisconsin in February)

To this:

(All of our stuff sitting in the garage of my in-laws home for over 5 months)

To this:

(Utilizing every family member, old and young, to repack a u-haul to drive one mile down the road.)

To this:

(The home we waited 5 months for and finally got)

To this:

(Hunter eating Tia Rosa’s on the floor of our new home on the night of our closing.)

It’s been a whirlwind. A really awesome, super exhausting, body aching whirlwind. And then some. I’m unpacking stuff I have not seen in a long time…some I’m overly joyed about- other stuff I wonder why in the world I wasted space in my in-laws garage with it for so many months.

I’m overwhelmed by the unpacking. Its much more of a task than I originally envisioned. Thank heavens my sister is here helping out. Several days I was ready to call it quits. (Or throw every random file in a drawer to be sorted later), but she’s sitting next to me reminding me it won’t be any more fun in three weeks to go back through the drawer. Obviously she’s thinking much more clearly than myself at times.

I’m starting to see the light at the end of the unpacking tunnel. Then it’s time to start down a new tunnel. The decorating tunnel. The repair tunnel. The updating/remodeling tunnel.

And they seem like really, really dark tunnels right now!

I have to keep reminding myself. It’s only been two weeks. We are in a good position for two weeks. (repeated to myself multiple times a day!)