In our new neighborhood, there is a school bus that picks up and drops off the kids. I have been looking forward to this for a long time. Fortunately, with Kaytlin living with us, I never had to get the kids in the car to take Hallie to school. But every afternoon I was waking one, if not two kids, to pick her up. It killed me! Especially when they hadn’t been sleeping for very long.

So the day that I didn’t have to wake up either kid after school was a dream. The bus delivers her right at the base of our driveway.

The first day, although excited, she was a little nervous. We met another little girl in kindergarten that she could sit with, but even then it was nerve racking. Standing in line, her excitement kept mounting. The bus arrived. She slowly walked on the bus and stood at the top of the stairs and she cautiously looks back at me. I could read her face instantly. She didn’t know where to sit. I walked up the two stairs, introduced myself to the driver and let her know she could sit anywhere (and then prayed she would sit near the front to avoid any shenanigans that might take place in the back of the bus!). I clarified with the driver what time he would drop her off. He kindly reminded me. “On the way home, this bus is like a zoo, so make sure she knows where to get off.” He was not putting my mind at ease. I insisted I would be standing on the sidewalk when he dropped her off, and I would go on the bus and grab her if I didn’t see her get off. Suddenly waking up two sleeping children didn’t seem so bad!!

Luckily, it’s working flawlessly for us thus far. And Hallie thinks it’s just about the greatest thing!