After 5 months of living with us, Kaytlin left us this morning to head back to school. Sad day. This is the second time she’s lived with us, and the second overly teary goodbye! I’m pretty sure she’ll never be roommates with us again. She’s starting her senior year in college, and is pretty attached to a certain guy – there’s no chance she’s coming back to stay with us. Once again, sad day!

Goodbyes are always so hard. As we embraced in a tearful exchange there were very few words but yet so much I wanted to say. Words of gratitude and appreciation. Words of love and encouragement. Words, words, words. So, to my sweet sister…
Dear Kaytlin-
It’s been an hour and half since you left. Hunter took Hallie’s blanket, Hallie hit Hunter in the stomach, Hunter threw himself on the floor, Bennett was smothered with blankets from helping siblings, Hunter locked the door, Hallie is trying to make Hunter play a game and he has no interest in. So… Bennett’s been crying in his bed trying to take a nap, Hunter and Hallie are both in timeout until they can play nicely and Steve is enjoying tennis with his brother. Please come back. Doesn’t that description make you miss us?

I have a feeling it will be a rough week. We’re used to having you around as a babysitter, a referee, a housekeeper, a chauffeur and a sounding board. Life will need a little adjustment with you gone.

We really loved having you here. Steve liked having a little sister around that he could tease and I liked the companionship of a friend in our new circumstances. I love that with age we’ve grown to not only tolerate each other but enjoy and look forward to spending time together! It’s amazing what time and maturity can do!

I was thinking back to your time with us and there are a couple things that really stood out in my mind as things I will miss.
• Our weekly tennis lessons – I wish we would’ve started them much earlier
• Afternoon swim time when you would take Hunter out in the pool
• Bennett snuggle time as I would take Hallie to school in the morning
• Multiple frozen yogurt runs
• Late night talks
• Endless conversations over a bowl of salsa with chips
There are many more things I will miss, but those few things were more special than all the others.

I love the relationship you have with the kids and how special you make them feel. You go above and beyond in your “Aunt” duties. Years from now they might not remember a whole lot about your time living with us, but they will have a very special bond with you and that can only come from your time with us.

We love you so much and are so grateful you chose to spend the last 5 months with us. We’re excited for all the changes you have coming in your life, it’s a good time of life. We love you. More than you know. And more grateful than you will ever comprehend for all that you did for us. Steve and I spent more time together than would have been possible otherwise…My teary eyes are prohibiting me from seeing the screen to type more!

We love you!