The December is by far my favorite month…it is also the month I can’t seem to slow down. There’s always another program, gift exchange, party or some other obligation. I love it all – I just wish it wasn’t all in one month. Let’s try gift exchanges in November perhaps. Or programs in January. There’s got to be some way to space it out, right? Regardless – we go to all the programs and parties and make it all work.

We had yet another santa sighting and although one santa sighting a year is plenty for me, Hunter’s eyes were wide with amazement and adoration and it’s kind of hard not to love it all over again!

Hallie also participated in the kindergarten program were they sported their handmade Ruldolph shirts. Hallie had a speaking part and she nailed it! In fact, because they practiced the program so many times, she had the four other speaking parts memorized as well! She sang with sass and animation and she was definitely entertaining on the front row!