I typically reserve Thursday posts for new and delicious recipes. But there has been very little cooking/baking in our neck of the woods/desert since the move. I feel like we’re starting to zero in on “normal” but then the holidays are kind of throwing me for a loop!

We attended a “Breakfast with Santa” with the typical doughnuts, hot chocolate and candy canes. No one was afraid of Santa this year which was really nice. There were no tears and absolutely no bribery to get the group picture. Everyone was all smiles.

Hallie is requesting: a hamster, fish, horse, guinea pig, pig pillow pet, boggle jr and three packs of gum. Sadly I broke the news to her that Santa can’t bring real animals – they would suffocate being in the bag all night. Surprisingly she completely understood where I (aka santa) was coming from. She then told me, they don’t have to be real…now we’re in business!

Hunter would like a plane, train, car and candy. Lots of candy.

From the looks of it, Bennett would be completely happy with a wrapped candy cane. He gnawed on this thing for over a half hour. And no messes. Perhaps santa will try and locate a fake candy cane!