Steve’s favorite holiday (or so he claims) is Thanksgiving, which means he always has high expectations for what the day should entail! This year did not disappoint. We started the day with a family turkey trot. Besides the fact that I don’t believe my body could run a weak 3 miles if my life depended on it – we have young children so we opted to bike the trot instead. It’s a good thing we did because not even a quarter mile into the Hallie was telling me her legs hurt!


(Fortunately he really doesn’t look like this when he runs!)

We then cleaned up and went to Steve’s parent’s house for turkey/football/pie.  Steve was wishing there was a little more football to be played, but still good times. His ideal Thanksgiving would be 50% football (playing) 30% Turkey and 20% pie – of course with 100% family!

We have so much to be grateful for and the list multiplies daily!