Bennett is just over 8 months old.

As you can see, he is out of his harness. It is amazing how fast their bones heal at this age but its still a little tender.

He has cut one little tooth and another is well on its way.

I’m spending an abnormal amount of time protecting him from Hunter these days. We have a “no touching Bennett” rule, but Hunter thinks he’s exempt from the rule (when really the rule was created for him!)

It’s taking a little longer than we thought to get his mobility back in his leg/hip. He is rolling over again, but is struggling to sit.

He’s taking a new interest in toys and especially loves the glitter/water filled wand he got for Christmas (it’s not as girly as it sounds!). However, it’s unfortunate when he loses control of it and it crashes back into his face. He also really likes a certain dinosaur, the head is the perfect size for a chew toy!

He loves and needs his beauty rest. He doesn’t nap extremely long, but he will take a couple naps a day.

He is getting so heavy…with his hip being fractured, we’ve had to hold him a lot, all 20 pounds of him, I think my arms will be falling off soon. On a more positive note- my arms are more tone than they’ve ever been and probably ever will be again.

He gets the giggles frequently – it’s my favorite sound a baby makes.

We love this guy!