We are hitting the nine month mark.

There seems to be little interest in crawling or standing up – but he has mastered sitting. Baby steps…He’s loving more and more table foods but potatoes are out of the question.

He’s started the high pitch squeal which seems to get higher and louder if we scream with him.

He loves the stroller and Hallie is always a willing help to push him around.

His little bald head is starting to fill with hair and I love it.

He doesn’t sleep unless he’s in his bed. No exceptions.

He loves chewing on his gauze-like (aden and anais) blankets and has to have one in order to fall asleep.

One of his favorite toys is the play food lettuce and turkey slice. He chews on these things and loves to put the turkey on his head and then tips his head forward and it falls off, then he laughs and laughs.

He loves bike rides and does great until his co-pilot (Hunter) starts to bother him.

He’s smiley. He shows us his one tooth smile all the time!