Another year is over.

I’m a big fan of a new year. It’s a fresh beginning, it’s new goals and resolutions, a clean slate. January is always my favorite organizing month because of all the hopes of becoming a new and organized Kara.

But in order to usher in a new year, I reflect on the previous year and how far we’ve come.

2011 was a big year for us. We had a lot of life changes and we welcomed them with open arms. I’ve heard many times that things happen in threes, this was definitely the case for us this year.

We sold our car before we moved from Milwaukee so we brought in the new year with the purchase of my third car (toyota, honda, toyota…I see a trend). We welcomed our third child in April and purchased our third home in November. It was the year of threes for us!

Our year in brief review (widely revolving around a home!)…
Started our home search in Arizona.
Sold our home in Milwaukee.
Continued the home search and put multiple offers on homes.
Became antsy as we grew closer to the birth of our son, really wanted to be in a home before he arrived.
Bennett arrived.
While in the hospital, completed final negotiations for a home.
House fell through nine days before closing.
Had all our belongings delivered to our temporary residence.
Started to settle more at temp residence.
Put offer on yet another home and started the waiting game.
Attended family reunion and drove to Idaho.
Started to melt in hot July sun.
Kids swam and swam and swam some more.
Drove to Idaho again to see family.
Still waited on home we had offer on.
Kaytlin moved down to live with us for her off-track at school.
Hallie started school.
Still waited on home.
Started to get really, really discourage on the home front.
Started looking at renting instead of buying.
Finally heard good news on the home we had been waiting months for.
Steve’s parents came home and reclaimed what was rightfully theirs…their home!
Moved into our new home and felt at complete peace amongst the chaos that moving entails.
My parents came to visit and helped us on the house.
Brother came to paint the house.
Christmas in our own house – heaven!
Kaytlin moves back to Idaho.
2011 ends.

I can look back on the year and smile because I write this from the comfort of my own home – as I reflect on the year I remember so vividly how many tears and sleepless nights there were (thanks to a newborn child).  There were definitely some darker days where I thought we would be living with my in-laws with Hallie graduating from High school! But it all turned around so quickly and I will always remember the afternoon my real estate agent (Steve’s sister Laurel – she is amazing) sat on the couch and shared the news that it would be our house. Such a brief moment with such monumental effects.

I’m not sure I would want to relive the year – but it was a solid learning and growing year for us. We are ready to tackle 2012.