Hunter is a hider. When you get him out of nap time he hides behind the door. When he gets in trouble, he hides behind the treadmill. When he eats something he’s not supposed to, he goes to the corner of his closet. He has all these special places that he likes to hide in. It makes it hard when I really can’t find him and I’m frantically yelling throughout the house, afraid that he’s maybe wandered off outside. I’ll throw a bribe out there – “Hunter its time for a treat, You’ve got to come to the kitchen if you want a treat.” Never failing, he’ll walk up behind me and say, “Hi Mom, I want a treat.” He’s a little sneaky. Although hiding is a favorite past time, he’s expanded to hiding things. Random things. Some not so random.

He hides granola bars and rice krispy treats and a pair of scissors between his bed and the wall. That makes sense. When it’s nap time, he goes to town cutting everything open. He also hides Hallie’s shoes. That too makes sense, she gets so annoyed and he just laughs. But we’re starting to lose things and I’m scratching my head. A half loaf of bread. I made a sandwich with it Friday afternoon – there was a half loaf – can’t find it anywhere. Hallie’s Barbie and horse – she played with it one morning before school, she came home and couldn’t find it anywhere. Our toothpaste – used it yesterday morning, put it in the drawer – missing. The hall night light – missing. Our spoons – missing.

What I can’t understand is where is it all going. I have scoured the house looking for these things, especially the loaf of bread that will eventually go bad. I found an opened jar of peanut butter in the playroom and I thought for sure I would find the loaf of bread soon after, no luck!

Sometimes he’ll openly admit and retrieve the item in question. Other items, that I know he’s guilty of hiding, he keeps concealed. So, when anything is missing we know just who to ask. It’s just a toss up whether he’ll tell us!