As previously mentioned – Steve went out of town, which meant I had free reign over the house. I didn’t have to cook, make my bed, do laundry or even really clean – It was all put on hold while I tackled the painting of the living room and family room – the two largest rooms and highest ceilings in the home. While I still had the kids with me, I just made sure they were fed and changing into clean clothes everyday was optional – aside from Hallie who goes to school. She was still required to get ready!

I knew I had three days of painting time, but I had no idea how much time I needed to give each room. I started with cutting in one main section. I cleaned and taped off the baseboards and taped around the stairs…I spent the first 6 hours cutting in. Although that took a large chunk of my time, I knew the rolling would be a breeze once I got around to it. In between painting, I fed the kids, did a little design work and put kids down for naps. I took a break once Hallie got home from school and after putting Bennett down for bed for the night I hit it hard once again. This happened two days in a row.

My body was tired when I woke up the third morning. I knew I was in the home stretch, but I also knew I had the highest ceiling section ahead of me. 16 foot ceilings. Even with my longest extension, I was on and off the ladder to get it all rolled. My neck, shoulder and arms were telling me I should have spent a little time on this section every day to alleviate the pain I currently felt. But there was an exhilirating feeling to see the slow transformation of the space. It’s not overly noticable – we went from ivory to light gray – but I really do love the new color. It’s fresh and cool and painting it with my own two hands makes me appreciate it even more.

I felt like I was doing great on time. I was pleased with my continued progress. Then I got a text from Steve. He would be landing early and home in two hours. This is how the living room looked when I got that fateful text…

I had made a lot of progress, but it was far from done. I kicked it into high gear. I fed the kids, but food for me was optional at this point. And then by some miracle it came together, just in time. I was pulling off the painters tape just minutes before he walked in and I even made some time to tackle the kitchen which had been sorely neglected with dishes piled high!

Aside from cutting in on some of the ceiling, I had covered both the living room, family room and the hallway. It was a proud moment! I knew the ceiling cutting in would have to be completed with Steve holding the extension ladder for me. I have severe bruises on my legs and thighs to show that I completed my use of the extension ladder as well, which I hope to not have to do again anytime soon. Two items of interest that are relatable: I will be wearing tall boots to church until the awful bruises go away and I’m thinking of creating a shin/thigh pads for those women choosing to use and lean against extension ladders, I will make them available in many patterns and fresh colors.

With the walls painted I was finally able to hang some pictures and perhaps when we settle on the couches we want and the drape color I’ll post some after pictures!