I wish I could say that Steve shared my love of home remodeling/projects. I have grand visions of us staying up until all hours of the morning working on projects together. Having meaningful conversations as to what we could do to improve the bathroom and walking the aisles of Home Depot together for our date nights…but it’s just a dream. A pipe dream.

Instead, I have a husband who moderately tolerates my love for projects. It’s not that he doesn’t love the finished project, he’s not so keen on the process/mess/time it takes to get there. Which is understandable. So, with most things there’s give and take – home remodeling for us is no exception. Steve understands that I’m going to repaint the whole house, he just wants to do it over time. He came up with what he thought was a good idea; paint one room in the house every month and in just over a year we could have the whole thing painted…I silently groaned…but understood I needed to give a little. I then started scheming as to how I could possibly get more painted without getting divorced…

Then it hit me. He travels often, so while he’s gone, I’ll try and get as much painted as possible and that won’t count for my one room a month because he will have missed the whole thing, mess included.

He’s leaving town soon so I’m gathering my materials. I painted several swatches on the wall to find the ideal color- looking for a light and airy color.

As you can see – the lighting wasn’t ideal when I took this photo!

In order top to bottom:
Dunn Edwards Foggy Day @ 200%
Glidden Polished Limestone
Benjamin Moore Cumulus Cloud @70%
Foggy Day @100% (which was the same lightness as our current off-white, just a different tone)

I am most drawn to Foggy Day, but the bottom one was just a little too light, the top a little too dark, so I bought right in the middle at 150%. Lets hope it looks as good when it’s towering over me on four walls!