Painting has wrapped up (aside from a few small details which will be tackled on Saturday!) and we are loving the new color. I originally went to Home Depot and purchased 4 of the $3 test samples, which is the cheapest custom sample I came across. I put all four on the house and with the help of family and friends we narrowed it down to one.

The more I looked at our “chosen” color the more I became nervous and unsettled. It was a little more Taupe/tan than what I was hoping for. I wanted something a little cooler and more gray. I went back to home depot and purchased two new samples. I’m so glad I followed my gut – Once the last two colors were on the wall I knew our “chosen” one was no longer my favorite. Within 20 minutes of application, I knew we had a winner. Sherwin Williams Rare Gray.

A quick looksie at what we started with:

And after a lot of hours of brushing and rolling we ended with this:

It was exactly what we were looking for- In the blue-ish family, but much more toned down than the original cottage blue we started with. But of course once you slap a fresh coat of paint on everything, you start to notice all the other things you need to change to make it work.

So…that’s where this picture comes in:

Next on the list is to remove the picket fence. Similar to gingerbread – we are just going for a more simple/modern line throughout the house. The fence is in bad condition as it is, so we either need to make some serious repairs or remove it…so I’ll remove it!

Once the fence is removed, I’m hoping to eventually build up the posts, make them more substantial so it doesn’t look as though the house is being held up by toothpicks. Perhaps at that point I will reevaluate whether we install a new, clean line fence. It’s up for debate!

With the gingerbread gone, no picket fence, larger posts…we’ll have to address the swirly lightpost. Who would’ve thought that painting a house could lead to such transformation of so many elements! 🙂

Next up…it’s time to head to Home Depot to buy samples for the living room and family room…I’m thinking a shade of gray – you can see a pattern!