Steve and I have never been big New Years Eve people. It’s typically a day that comes and goes without much hoopla- and it’s worked just fine for us.

But this year, as well as last year, we’ve attended a fantastic family party and it has been a big deal. I understand now, why people love New Years, I’ve seen the light!

We started the night with an adult only (Steve’s siblings/spouses and parents) dinner, which as a mother of young children, I totally appreciate.

(Thanks for the photo Shawni!)

We joined up with the kids by 8:30 and went to the church for some frisbee dodgeball – it was out of control and such a good time.

We finished the night at Steve’s brothers house where we ate and played games until the clock struck midnight – which is when the dance party broke out. Hallie and Hunter made it the whole night without any monumental breakdowns or an ounce of sleep.

Happy New Year!