I’m sure I’m not alone in my quest to acquire every spice imaginable…okay that is a flat out lie. I make no intention of acquiring spices, but my spice drawer would say otherwise. It seems like I always find those recipes that require a 1/2 tsp of an obscure spice. Of course I must purchase the spice only to use a 1/2 tsp once a year. And that my friend is how I’ve acquired 49 spices. Some I use every week, others much less frequently, but there is nothing more annoying that spinning the spice rack 10 times looking for ground ginger. I know I bought one the last time I was at the store and yet it’s no where to be found. The scene was all too common.

In comes the solution…50 matching (although two different sized) jars, a label maker and a drawer.

First off- if you are fortunate enough to live near a Penzey’s Spices (Tempe marketplace has one) count yourself lucky! Just walking into the store makes me a better cook – they have some unique spices you won’t find anywhere else. (The Brady Street cheese sprinkle is delicious with a white sauce pasta) Anyway- they have these fun little jars in several sizes. I purchased enough of the medium and small jars for all my spices (if you purchase spices there, they also come in these jars).

I pulled out my handy dandy label maker and went to town labeling all the jars. Once labeled, I placed the spices in alphabetical order in a drawer, they are the perfect height for drawers (the most efficient use of space!). This is so much more effective than the little twirly things that spices get lost in! I cannot explain how much I’ve loved this set up! There is no looking for missing spices and even better – I don’t accidentally buy a spice I already have plenty of.

Plus – I find it comforting to know that the drawer is completely organized with identical labeled jars. It makes me happy every time I open it!