We reached a new milestone in parenthood…the tooth fairy. Hallie has had many friends losing their teeth lately and she too wanted in on the fun. So she found her most wiggly tooth and she moved it all the time. Call me crazy, but I wanted to keep that thing in there as long as possible. It starts with losing one tooth, and then another, and another and all the sudden this little girl starts to morph into tween – I’d rather keep my little girl! Not only that, but as teeth start to come in crooked I start to see dollar signs in future dental work!

But it was inevitable – it came out. We went through the whole discussion of the tooth fairy. She wrote a beautiful letter and it was just a magical experience. She got her money and immediately started wiggling a new tooth. Not 12 hours later – she started questioning the reality of the tooth fairy. She asked me. Steve. Kaytlin. Her cousins. She wasn’t too sure about it because a kid at school told her it was his parents. (I hope he feels good about that!) We diverted all questions to the best of our ability and she forgot about it…until she lost her next tooth at school, the same day as her friend. Once again the tooth fairy was the topic of discussion. But she got her money and once again was satisfied, but was still questioning the reality of it.

In true Hallie fashion, she went to the library at school and checked out the book, “Junie B Jones, First Grader, Loses a Tooth.” She read that book religiously for 6 days. I kept waiting for more questions but the book seemed to put her mind at ease. She finished it and returned it and later that afternoon she said, “Mom, did you know that when the tooth fairy takes your tooth he puts it in someone else’s mouth?” Confused, I asked her to repeat, which confirmed I heard it right the first time. I asked, “Where did you hear that?”

“In the Junie B Jones book.”

I was silently giving credit to the author – very clever, something I hadn’t heard before. Hallie then starts to speculate who might have her tooth in their mouth. She was being a crack up about it. I then reminded her that Bennett got a tooth right after she lost her tooth.

She totally thinks her tooth is in Bennett’s mouth. I wonder how long I can have fun with this one!!