The last time I was sick enough to throw up was 10+ years ago, prior to ever meeting Steve. Not even with pregnancy have I knelt over that toilet…until last night. We were at Steve’s parents house visiting with all the family and after being there for a while I stood up to get a drink and I noticed I wasn’t feeling so hot. I’ve had the desire to throw up many times in the last 10 years, but never actually done it. Last night I was feeling that desire. It was as we were leaving, we still had to get the kids home, Bennett fed and all of them put to bed. I was miserable. I quickly got Bennett fed and down and made my way to my bed – it was 7:30. I layed in pain for four hours before I broke my 10 year record and boy did it feel good. It’s amazing how relieving it can be.

One hour later- Hallie is crying by my bedside saying her stomach hurt. She makes it to the bathroom with Steve just in time.

We all get settled once again.

Half hour later, Hunter is crying by my bedside saying his stomach hurt. We get him settled on the flour and the minute he started to cough, Steve jumped out of bed and caught him just in time.

Steve was a little comical as he ran from kid to kid trying to meet their needs and help them as they were in so much pain.

I layed there, somewhat lifeless, wishing I could be of more help but my body was so sore and tired I couldn’t move when I tried.

All four of us slept in our room last night. We got very little sleep.

The kids were up by seven bouncing off the walls again. Seriously? My body still refused to move and they acted as though nothing happened last night. The bags under their eyes tell a slightly different story.

The whole episode was just weird. Food poisoning? We all ate dinner together, Hunter didn’t eat the chicken though. Steve never did get sick. Perhaps the spinach salad? It couldn’t have been the cookies which is the only thing Steve did not eat with the rest of us…Who knows, but this morning as Steve and I reflected on last night we counted our blessings that every single one of us made it to the bathroom or bucket every single time. I can’t imagine how complicated it would’ve been if Steve was trying to wash sheets and clean carpet in the midst of it all.

Today was going to be a laundry/clean/put the playroom back together after a weekend painting escapade. It will have to wait until tomorrow.