This kid is back. And better than ever.

Mr. B made his first visit to urgent care this week. After 9 days of fighting a serious cold, he hit an all time low. I was convinced he had an infection – most likely in the ear. I tried getting into our pediatrician but the wait was longer than I was hoping for. Our next best option was urgent care. I was quickly reminded why I hate urgent care facilities – you wait forever. I tried comforting him the best I could and was relieved when Steve met up with us after work.

After an hour and a half we were told – no visible infections. I was shocked that it wasn’t in his ears. Sidenote: none of our children have had an ear infection. We’ve got good ear genes!

Although the doctor couldn’t see anything wrong, he could see that he was miserable and we were grateful to walk out of there with a prescription (worth the wait) that seemed to clear him up quickly. Before too long, we had a smiley little kid once again.

We have been experimenting with more table foods and we’re not having a lot of luck. He’s not a fan of mashed potatoes, potato soup, black beans, or Tia Rosa’s bean burrito – everyone loves the bean burrito. We’ll keep trying, I don’t give up easily!