Sometimes our weekly photo shoots are fun and enjoyable and I get nothing but smiles. And other times I photograph an angry elf.

It’s obvious that Mr. Angry Elf showed up this week. I tried two different times to get a decent photo. I wasn’t looking for any smiles, it was obvious he wasn’t handing those out today. I was just looking for a non-screaming photo. It wasn’t worth fighting for today. So I shot just a few and realized I was absolutely torturing him. So I quit. And we have a screaming photo.

Mr. B got over his sickness from two weeks ago, only to get another cold and has turned miserable once again. He cries and cries and he wears me out. It doesn’t help that I decided this last week that I would start the weaning process. Which I think would’ve been fine but somebody forgot how to use a bottle. Seriously? So I pushed the sippy cup which wasn’t working for me. The first day was okay, the second and third day were a little harder and by day four he wasn’t having any of it. I could see he was getting dehydrated. I was already four days in to weaning and I couldn’t turn back. So I’ve resorted to dumping milk in his mouth while he screams shaking his head. Weaning is going fantastic.

On a happier note, he’s liking his new found ability to stand against furniture.

And his ability to blow kisses just about melts me…and then he screams the second I put him down and I’m quickly brought back to reality.