10 months old-

Another week down…and still not crawling. No motivation whatsoever.

He likes to stand next to the couch. He likes to stand next to the train table. He likes to stand next to his musical play station. But the kid refuses to crawl. Looks like we need to spend a little more time focusing on “tummy-time”.

What we thought was a sickness last week is still lingering in his nose and throat, we’ve come to the conclusion he has seasonal allergies.

He’s taken on table foods with vengence. Waffles/pancakes, eggs, cereals, crackers, bread, black beans, pinto beans, soup, yogurt, applesauce, tortillas, avocados. The kid can eat and likes everything at this point.

Milk from a sippy cup is going a little bit better this week – still not drinking enough, but much more than before.

He’s a sensitive little guy – I was giving him milk and he kept spitting it out. I pulled back the cup after several failed attempts and casually told him to “stop”. He looked at me as tears welled up in his eyes and he cried the most sad little cry.

He blows kisses and then gets really excited because we get really excited.

Has the funniest grown man chuckle and Hallie is the best at getting him to do it. He’s also very ticklish.

He’s started the needy stage where he starts crying every time I walk out of the room. After one day it was already really annoying!

Loves when Hallie takes him on walks in the stroller back in forth in front of our house.

Discovered the trampoline. So much fun – until Hunter comes on – Hunter hasn’t mastered the art of walking around the trampoline lightly.

He needs more sleep than our other two kids did. He is off his schedule right now and it’s making life difficult for everyone around him. He needs his sleep. I will not run an errand or attend a social engagement if it interferes.

I’m hoping this week allows more napping – less crying!