Valentine’s is just around the corner and I have yet to pull out any decorations – that is so unlike me. But in the midst of painting and then putting the house back together and then taking the house apart in order to rearrange furniture and rooms and trying to figure where we want what and what we want to purchase, and our constant efforts to fix things…it’s never ending. So February just creeped up on me this year and caught me off guard.

I had made this print a while ago with all intentions of getting it printed and putting it in my cute red frame. Obviously, it didn’t happen. I hate when I do that. I plan ahead and I work hard to get something done and then I just sit on it thinking I have so much time. Time slips away and then I scramble. It seems like it happens with my taxes every year. I complete them by February 10th and then April 15th at 4:45 I hit the send button. I sit on them for so long just in case I come across something that would increase my refund (because I’m self employed for graphic design there’s always some receipt I come across later!!) It’s a little ridiculous!

Anyway- I design and design and design some more. Some things end up in frames, on canvas, on the magnet board and some just sit as a digital file because I lose interest. But today I share this file, because if I can’t get my act together and get it printed, someone else will.

All this talk has made me reconsider my valentine’s decorations. I still have time, they just won’t be up as long, which is okay too. I’ll put it on my to-do list. It may or may not get done!

Love More 5×7 Print