We officially made it through Hallie’s first major school project: The kindergarten science fair – not something to be taken lightly!

We came up with a project that she could do primarily by herself. She took different types of paper (paper towel, construction paper, copy paper, toilet paper, clorox wipe) and colored a strip with marker on the bottom and dipped it in water. Hallie noted in her science journal what papers were the most absorbant. Then using the most absorbant paper (paper towel) she then tested different colors of markers to see which had the most color when it bled, which ended up being brown.

We took her project to school where she had to present it in front of her class. She ended up being the first one to present and she told me she was really nervous, “I kind of had a lot of water in my eyes, but it wasn’t like I was crying. Just nervous.”

When she came home that afternoon, she talked through different projects she liked and projects that she wanted to try. She then continued, “Oh mom, guess what? You know Jim* (Name has been changed to protect the innocent) When he presented his project he told us he didn’t even do any of it. His dad did the whole thing and wouldn’t let him help. That is not good, is it?!”

I had to laugh. But laughter was quickly replaced with sadness for the little boy who had to present a project he didn’t even feel he contributed to. I suppose as parents sometimes we want our children to present the best – but in order for it to be the best it can’t be done by the child. Defeats the purpose.

Hallie’s project wasn’t the most complicated or the fanciest display, but she was excited to share all that she had learned. Mission accomplished.