This little guy is sick and has been for 6 days. No – this is not what he looks like in his sick condition. Much the opposite, which is why I post these. A kind reminder as to what our future holds when he kicks this sickness.

It started with a runny nose, I’m assuming he picked up from church because other than that he doesn’t leave the house and no one else has been sick. The clear runny nose turned green which then moved to his eyes which has resulted in a chest cold. He’s not sleeping near enough and he looks as though he has been run over by a truck. Even in his awful condition, he still manages to flash me a smile every so often.

Sick kids are the worst. Especially when they’re so young. Unlike the older kids, and infant is not amused with a disney movie while they soothe their sore throat with a fresh glass of OJ. Nope, he just cries. Which could mean his throat hurts. It could mean his eyes are bothering him. He could have an ear infection. Or he could just be screaming for the comfort of his bed. You never know.

We’re going on a week of this, I hope we kick it soon. I hate to see him so miserable. Every night I put him to bed I think to myself that this night is going to be the night of healing and he will wake up feeling a little better. I’ve told myself this for three nights. I hope tonight it really does come true!