In just two very long weeks we were finally able to convince little man to take milk from a sippy cup. Let me tell you there were some really long days in those two weeks where I forced it in his mouth spilling half of it down the front of him…but our persistance paid off. And we’re all much happier now.

He’s becoming a little too attached to me. Crying every time I leave the room or looking at me from across the room as someone else holds him. If I’m totally out of the picture he’s happy as a clown. It’s when he knows I’m around and I’m not snuggling his face off that he gets bummed.

Sunday morning I put him in the playroom with Hallie and Hunter before church and I shut the door. He played in there all morning with them without a peep. Almost two hours. It was heaven! I will start using that tactic just a little more now that I know it works so well!

One thing is for sure – he is such a smiley kid. Those cheeks are just begging to be nibbled on!