11 months old:

Fortunately the three teeth he’s been working on are well on their way.

He is more of a mama’s boy than ever before and cries every time I leave the room. I find myself crawling around, even behind couches so he can’t see me.

Giving him the leftover St. Patricks day milk at church was not a good idea, especially since he was wearing white!

I find myself feeding him constantly from 4-6pm. I don’t have it in me at that time a day to tolerate much crying!

Scoots backwards and only backwards.

Loves to be outside. I can take him outside and put him on a blanket in the grass and do yard work around him all afternoon long.

He has to sleep with a sound machine.

He smiles a lot. He giggles a lot!

Our weekly photo shoots are getting much shorter as he doesn’t stay on his back for very long before rolling over.

Loves to clap and loves to motor boat with his mouth.

Cries nearly every time Hunter “plays” with him.

Takes two naps a day. They’re short but I’ll take what I can get.

Eats nearly all table foods. Struggles a bit with meat but he’ll gum it for quite a while!

He’s just so big/old – where does time go?