It always seems as though I need a shelf/ledge in all the places where the traditional 2ft, 3ft or 4ft ledge just wouldn’t work. So I relied on my favorite furniture building site and sure enough I found more than enough plans to meet my needs.

I needed a certain length shelf and it needed to be deep enough to hold some vases. My scrap pile had just what I needed for the “$10 ledge” which ended up costing me nothing. Two pieces were mdf and the other was pine, but I was spray painting it so it didn’t matter.

I used my handy dandy Kreg Jig and drilled holes in the back piece (to connect to the bottom) and the bottom piece (to connect to the front).

I ended up with this ledge.

I used spray paint to finish off the whole thing, and used a couple screws to screw it into the wall. It’s the exact length I needed. The exact depth I needed. And the color I needed.

I’m now envisioning two really long ledges in the office. 8 feet. Maybe 10 feet. Decisions, decisions…