As of this evening spring break is officially over!

Leading up to the break everyone kept asking Hallie or myself what we were doing for our little vacation. I explained that with just one kid in school, essentially every week could be spring break if we wished so we were just going to hang out.

Hallie doesn’t fully grasp that spring break is meant for crazy fun vacations, so until she catches on to that we’re off the hook.

Instead, I had her make a list of things she wanted to do and we would try to do one each day. I didn’t give her any limits or coach her – her list included:

Play with a friend

Make cookies and take them to someone

Make granola

Eat lunch at the park

Paint fingernails

Make a tent in the house

Finish reading assignment for a free frozen yogurt.

Clearly we would be wasting our money with a trip to Disneyland at this age when she’s happy making a tent in the house. Childhood is magical isn’t it. It is simple and wonderful.

The first morning I even let her spend time on the iPad –

She was in heaven.

I’m sad that my little helper/Bennett entertainer is going back to school. She’s over the moon talking about all the friends she’s going to see on the playground.