The day Hallie went back to school after our food poisoning incident she came home with pink eye, no joke. I was one paranoid mother. Don’t touch that. Go wash your hands. Stay in the bedroom. I was not about to watch pink eye pass from child to child. So she was exiled to my bedroom with the ipad and some books. After just an hour she was crying because she was bored and she just wanted to play. So once Hunter and Bennett went down for a nap, although it was quiet time she was allowed to come out. I went to work on the computer as I usually do during nap time and found this note on the fridge when I came out for a drink.

I immediately marched up to Hallie’s room for some lessons on being fancy. It was the cutest class. She had made some handouts and displayed different examples of fancy and non-fancy items. She taught me how to incorporate fanciness into our everyday living. Which we then applied to dinner time.

Hallie explained that it is fancy to have placemats and name cards.
So she went to work creating fanciness. Once dinner had been cooked and distributed to everyone’s plates she then inserted toothpicks with flowers on them. It was by far the fanciest dinner we’ve had in a while.

I loved her creativity throughout the day, she really took it seriously. And I was a little happy that pink eye had forced her to stay home and bond with me.

The next day her eye was completely clear…however it had moved to her other eye. Pink eye round 2: Little fanciness. But we did go on a pretty fun bike ride!