While preparing dinner, I hear from the living room Hallie scream, “Hunter is trying to cut my foot off.”

Hallie can be overly dramatic so I tell her, “Stop being dramatic, he’s not going to cut your foot off.”

In a panic, Hallie yells back, “Yes he will, he’s using the pizza cutter.” (Let it be known that this is not a metal blade cutter – but it still cuts pizza!)

“You’re right, he is trying to cut your foot off.”

With the thought of losing her right foot, she continues to scream.

I summoned Hunter to the kitchen. Sure enough, the guilty party walked in with the weapon. He was in timeout for a while…

Sidenote: He was in timeout the other day for something or other. He screams at me from the timeout chair, “When I get out I’m going to punch you in the face.” Clearly the concept of timeout has been lost. He was in the chair just a little bit longer that day!