I’m sure my kids are like every other little kid – they love to steal the ipad and make videos. They’ve been doing this since we got it over a year ago. Not only do they love making them, they love watching them even more! There have been multiple times I walked into a room thinking the kids were screaming only to find them watching a video they had made a while back. At first, I thought the videos were so funny – it was new and exciting. And then they went a little lame as they gave video tours of random things. The other night I was noticing just how many videos they had made over the last year and I realized I hadn’t watch any of them in a long time. So I sat down for 45 minutes watching. I have to say, they are improving in their video making abilities. Hallie had me laughing out loud on several of hers. Then I came across this one…This was the morning after our food poisoning episode and I think they made 6 videos.

They. Are. So. Random. Hallie was feeling extra chipper and was full of personality and sass. This clip was trimmed down from it’s original because it was pretty long – but she was a riot. Where do kids come up with these things?? There are so many things that crack me up – Hallie calling Hunter out for not saying the word right and the evil laugh she has and the fact that she knows how many kids are in our future, oh yea and she’s a mormon (clearly she’s seen a few of the I’m a mormon videos!)…Take a look: