Moving into a new home, means we’re attending church with a new group of people and making new friends in the neighborhood. There is nothing like having to make new friends that makes you realize all of your oddities. You know the oddities that your old friends grew to love and kindly overlooked or even enjoyed? We all have our quarks, right? As I’ve been evaluating myself the last little while I’ve noticed some interesting things/quarks. I share:

I am a habit eater. For example: I eat the same thing for breakfast every weekday – raisin bran crunch. There could be 5 different boxes of cereal, yet I eat the same thing. Likewise, my lunch always includes a banana and a yogurt. My main course shifts depending on the leftovers in the fridge, but a banana and yogurt are always on the menu. I eat these things day in and day out for several years and I never tire of them.

I am a pandora junky. I listen to different stations depending on the day or my mood. But if I was forced to listen to one station for the rest of my life, it would have to be Joshua Radin.

I’m allergic to color. Okay, not really. But if you looked in my closet you might think so. The majority of the things I wear are black and gray. Boring, I know. Sometimes, very rarely, I’ll throw in a fun scarf. Although boring, a black/gray wardrobe means I have to own less shoes and less purses, a few black flats and a black purse. Even writing this I realize how lame that is!

I’ve been married going on 9 years and I’m only on my 3rd cell phone. I have averaged three years per phone without breaking a single one, or dropping one in water.

We purchased our third car, had our third child, and purchased our third home all in the same year.

Although I love to read, I rarely make time for it unless on vacation. I have had a book on my nightstand that I’m dying to read and I haven’t opened a page for 2 months.

I can recall my dreams on a daily basis and they are as real as can be. All elements of my dreams are based in reality – there’s no flying monkeys! I will wake up and continue to live in my dreams in the middle of the night. For example: I’ve had a dream where I was making onion rings and I was using a mandolin to cut all the onions. I woke up and started to search around the bed looking for the mandolin I had misplaced. I went as far to lean all the way off the end of the bed, running my hand along the floor trying to locate it. Steve of course wakes up and jolts me from my dream. But it is such a reality to me that when he questions me, I get defensive. I know exactly what I’m doing. I just need the mandolin. I’m not dreaming, seriously I’m awake, I just need to find it. Steve rolls over and goes back to bed. I get frustrated that he thinks I’m sleeping. I roll over and go back to bed and in the morning I can recall the whole thing. I know exactly what took place in my dream to make me search all over. I remember the whole conversation Steve and I shared. It’s a little weird. What’s even more weird is it happens often. Sometimes multiple times during the week. It’s been our room has flooded and I need to grab towels. It’s been someone breaking into our house. It’s been family members who don’t live with us coming into our room in the middle of the night. It’s been smashing spiders on the wall that never existed. The list could go on and on. I have crazy detailed dreams.

I’m a fruity candy lover all the way. I would choose skittles over chocolate any day of the week. My husband is the opposite. However the older I get, the more I lean towards chocolate because it doesn’t stick to my sensitive teeth! I now understand what my mother was talking about when I would offer her candy as a child and she would refuse because they hurt her teeth. I hate that I’m at that stage!

Speaking of teeth- I’ve had my fair share of teeth issues in the past – far too much to recount, but I can say I floss and rinse with mouthwash every single night, never failing. I hope my dentist reads this!