I’ve been loving all the pallet projects that I see everyone doing lately. Of course, once I decide I want to try my hand at it, there’s no pallets to be found. I searched for months without much luck. I found a couple on craigslist but they were being sold for much more than their worth. But I liked the idea of some pallet art above our piano.

After a trip to the depot I came home with varying widths of fence boards. You know the ones that are notched on the top – anyway it’s not very nice wood. It’s rough, it has knots, it has dents and dings. It was perfect.

Using Mr. Kreg Jig I attached all the boards together and stained the whole thing with a new minwax stain, “weathered gray”. Loved it. It was just the look I was going for. I though about sanding it some after the stain was applied but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I printed on a piece of paper my word of choice, “remember”. (based on my parents telling me every time I left the house to “remember who you are”. There’s many more reasons for that being my special word but that’s a whole other topic!)

I traced with a hard edge along the print out which left a slightly indented board which allowed me to paint within the lines.

And there you have it. Instant art. Basically fool-proof…that is unless you misspell your word – which after looking at a word for long enough, it always looks like it’s wrong!

I’m looking for the perfect moss wreath to hang on it for a nice spring time decoration but they are harder to find than I imagined. I was hoping to not have to make it!