Remember when my husband put a painting restraint on me? (here) I’m doing my best to remodel to my heart’s content while not driving my husband batty. Well February is a short month and I realized I hadn’t painted my room for the month. I already had purchased the paint for several rooms so I just had to narrow it down as to which one would get a loving coat of paint this month…the playroom had the most annoying color so it won!

This picture doesn’t do this room justice, the green was not good. At all. Paired with our Sun Valley Red children’s furniture it looked as though Christmas took a turn for the worse. So the green had to go.

I spent Friday morning and late Friday night cutting-in. I painted next to the ceiling, along the baseboards and the windows and doors. It took a solid 6 hours to cut-in. That is by far the most time consuming and annoying part of painting any room and it’s also the most important. The ceilings were just high enough that I had to climb to the top of our high ladder, paint a seemingly small area, walk down the ladder, move the ladder, walk back up the ladder, repeated multiple times. I was really wishing my mom lived closer because she is the master cutter-inner…totally just made that word up!

My projects always seem to get worse before they get better!

I intended on waiting until the kids were in bed Saturday night before I pulled out the paint again. But with Steve working with the kids in the yard and Bennett going down for an early nap I saw a window of opportunity and I jumped. Within 2.5 hours I had the whole room painted, with two coats. You might be wondering how that is possible. It was a warm day and I had all the doors open…the paint dried remarkably fast. I anticipated having to put everything away and pull it out again another day, but there was no need. By the time I passed by the whole room once, the first paint area had already dried.

By lunch time I was done and ready to move on to another room, but Steve is the voice of reality so I quit while I was ahead.

Sadly no after picture…secretly I’m not really done with the room although it appears to be finished to Steve. I want stripes. Like our old playroom.

Not around the whole room, but perhaps an accent wall. I’m hoping I can pull if off without him knowing so it doesn’t count as a real paint project!! I’ll keep you posted!