And just like that – they grow up.

We shot our final weekly photo today. It was bittersweet. I am so happy to have 52 weekly photos, but some Tuesdays I was just not feeling it and either was he and it just was more work than it was worth. But we pushed through the pain and I’m glad…I suppose I pushed him through his pain…either way we have 52 photos!

Seeing as though this was the last one, it was harder than normal picking “the one”. I like this one in particular because you can see him screaming…”Get this silly onesie off of me!!”

And to our last weekly update…

Mr. B has discovered stairs. He is a champ climbing up, not so good at coming down. We’ve had too many close calls and I can’t find a gate wide enough to cover the staircase. Dang.

He’s in a scratching phase – he better be careful – I might have him declawed!

He’s already a pool rat and loves sitting on the edge with his little feet splashing around.

He’s my longest nursing baby so far, we’re down to one morning feeding which will be coming to an end in the next week.

He’s playful and happy.

He has blisters on both of his big toes and on the side of his feet from army crawling. I’ve tried countless times to get him to crawl on his knees. But he’s totally content and he moves quickly.

I found him in the pantry this week with the lid off of the Costco sized cracker bucket just going to town. He threw a monster fit when I took it away from him.

I love that this boy is so snuggly.