I love the idea of spending time with and getting to know the people in the neighborhood. I want my children to make friends within walking/biking distance. Better yet, I want to make friends within walking distance. 🙂

We jumped at the chance to attend the annual block party that some friends host just down the street. It lived up to the hype.

Steve worked the grill where they served up authentic J-Dawg sauce (that by itself made it the best block party ever) while the kids ran around like crazies with all their little friends.

The bounce house was a hit but even better was the popcorn machine and cotton candy machine. Every time I saw Hunter with a new treat in his hand he was grinning from ear to ear. He caught on real quick that if he laid low he would have an endless supply of treats.

I love how deep in thought he is about this wonderful machine, the puckered lips crack me up!

The candy cannon caught me a little off guard as I heard a loud boom and stuff flying through the air. The second time they shot it I was little more prepared but still managed to get pelted by some candy – it was a little dark and hard to see!

They had a dance party and a large projector to watch a movie. Our children started their meltdowns long before they ever started the movie- so we made a quick getaway. Hallie was concerned that all of her friends got to stay up late and she didn’t. Although we reassured her her friends would be going to bed as well, we knew very well her friends would be staying up late to watch the movie. That is the difference between the oldest child in a family and one of the youngest in a family! There is always next year…and we’re looking forward to it!