I walked outside to find Hallie and her cousin standing on top of one of our trash bins. I was completely baffled as to what they might be doing.

I questioned them.

They denied any wrong doing yet refused to tell me what they were doing.

I insisted.

Hallie finally broke.

“Okay mom, we’re doing the funnest thing ever. It is so fun. One of us gets in and then you shut the lid and walk around in circles.”

I’m disgusted at the idea of my child in a filthy trash can. Actually it was a recycling bin – but it’s all trash in my opinion! I forbid the activity and encouraged a cleaner activity – like jumping on the trampoline!

I went back inside and foundd myself outside just minutes later delivering something to the trash can. There I saw my nephew standing next to a barrel on the sidewalk. Hallie was no where to be found. As if on cue, Hallie popped up from under the lid and was filled with the look of guilt as we made eye contact.

She started to justify.

“Its not even dirty mom, there’s nothing even in there, it’s really clean. Look, my clothes aren’t even dirty.”

Once again, I’m filled with disgust. There is no way I’m touching that girl until she has a bath. They were giggling and having such a good time I walked away as if I didn’t see what was going on, figuring out how to explain to my sister-in-law her son spent his afternoon in a trash barrel!

Of course, once Hunter caught wind of the dirty fun, he made sure he was a part of it!