Easter is always a weekend long celebration.

Our new ward holds a two-mile fun run/walk followed by an egg hunt and breakfast. Two miles seems a little long for most young children, but when you scatter thousands of nickels along the path there wasn’t a child complaining. Even Hallie who starts saying her legs hurt two minutes in to every bike ride didn’t mention once that she was tired. Instead she kept her eyes on the trail and picked up every nickel she spotted.

Sunday we enjoyed a great breakfast and a church movie. Once again reminding the kids that Easter is something larger than the baskets they wouldn’t let out of their sights. We enjoyed a wonderful church meeting, two eggs hunts, (one, Hallie and Hunter searching for money eggs, and the other with all the cousins.) and a fabulous dinner hosted by Steve’s brother and wife.

Steve has a lot of immediate family that live close and it’s not always easy to host a formal dinner for all of them. However, this was done right. Formal sitting for 35 people and decorations to match. It was wonderful and a great ending to special weekend.

We couldn’t ask for better family to be surrounded by.

And now that it’s over- the candy has to go. One day of children bouncing off the walls is plenty.