I pulled out Hallie’s Easter basket and found it full of candy from last year – Hunter’s was the same story. Evidently we told them we would let them have the candy later and of course quickly shoved them back in storage before they noticed. The buckets were full of eggs and candy!

Hunter sat next to me as we made the discovery this afternoon and his eyes just about popped out of their sockets. He was so excited and he kept trying to walk through different scenarios that would allow him to eat this candy. I told him he would find eggs soon enough, but he wasn’t eating this candy. So then he was excited about the egg hunt – so excited he was talking faster than he was thinking.

“Mom, I know…I know what we can do. We can find 2 bunnies with their eggs and then we can cut the rabbit open and get the candy…….no, I mean the wrapper, not the rabbit.”

Good thing! I was beginning to wonder about the sick child who wanted to cut the rabbit open to get the candy – he just wants to cut the wrapper! The two can be easily confused!!