Remember the boy who thought a woman shouldn’t be fixing sprinklers (here), he’s back.

This time while he’s walking by, I’m enjoying my new favorite tool. He watches me from afar blowing the front porch and I make my way to the side of the house by the garage after completion. I shut down the blower just as he turns the corner and walking past our garage.

“Seriously, why doesn’t your husband do these things?”

“He’s at work all day and doesn’t get home until late and when he does get home he’s doing other important things. Because I’m here all day I can do it.”

“My mom stays at home all day and she still doesn’t do anything, my dad does it all for her.”

“Then your mom and I are very different people because I enjoy this type of stuff.”

“That’s weird.”

In my mind I’m thinking, “You know what’s really weird? You thinking your mom doesn’t do anything all day and that your dad does everything. That’s weird!!”