Not too long ago I was outside with the kids. I was working on the sprinkler system when a little neighbor boy – 8 years old -came walking by.

“Why isn’t your dad doing that.”

I’m confused. The little boy is confused. I try to clear it up. “What do you mean my dad…”

“Or your husband. Why isn’t your husband doing that. It’s his job to fix it.”

I didn’t know what to tell him, he was adamant that I wasn’t competent to complete the task at hand.

Hallie then came to my rescue in a very defensive and loud voice…”My mom knows how to fix things.”

The little boy looked at her funny and didn’t say another word while he walked away.

I gave Hallie a high five. I know how to fix things. But even better than that is that my daughter knows that I know how to fix things!!