I like to collect gadgets and gizmos.

The kitchen is a major weakness and I can justify just about any small electric appliance for a number of reasons. Then I got into woodworking and there was a whole new world of tools just begging to come home with me. With each new project I collect a couple things and I feed my addiction.

This week I bought a new tool that is quickly becoming my new favorite…drum roll please…a backpack blower. No joke.

Steve was skeptical as he is with most things I purchase. However, he used it this weekend and he’s finally convinced of it’s necessity. Let me clarify – he was in agreement that we needed a blower, he was also in agreement that it needed to be gas powered. (We borrowed an electrical one two weeks ago and it’s a little awkward stretching a power cord across the pool to blow the leaves out of the pool area. It was an accident waiting to happen!) He just thought the backpack was going a little overboard.

I knew very well that I didn’t have the arm strength to carry the other type for any amount of time. So the backpack won out. I love it and so does Steve after blowing for 40 minutes yesterday!

I find myself justifying the need to pull it out and blow leaves off the front porch. Yes, it’s the shiny new toy!